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Digital to Physical: Orbital spiral generative art

Very recently I took an old piece of generative art called "orbital spiral" and brought it into volumetric physical form through the use of canvas and printing. The result is attached below.

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Boston Tech Poetics meetup at Fatham

Last night I had a chance to attend a recent Boston Tech Poetics community group meeting. "Boston Tech Poetics" is merely the new name for the old Boston "Creative Coders" group, BTW -- a term that is for the most part on it's way out as anything but a clever marketing term for what we do in the interactive and emerging technologies space.

Fathom (Information Design) was gracious enough to sponsor us at their office on Cambridge St. We heard from two speakers, Savannah Niles of the MIT Media Lab about her "Glyph" project and associated research into expressive gifs from… Read more »

"Mathematical Rhymes" at Boston Cyber Arts Gallery

Mathematical Rhymes Gallery Exhibit
"Mathematical Rhymes" -- "an exploration of art-making practices based in algorithmic and mathematical systems that translate into generative forms of moving image media."

This past Saturday, I had a chance to head down to Jamaica Plain to attend the "From Paper to Pixels" event held at infrared5. Read more »

Creative Coding Podcast #33 (with Jer Thorp)


There's a new creating coding podcast episode up with Jer Thorp talking about O-C-R (aka "Office of Creative Research"), Processing, the Java runtime, Processing.js and making a career of Data Visualization, as well as other off the cusp talk from Seb and Val. Read more »

Microsoft PixelSense 1.0 Multi-Touch Table (i.e. "Old School Surface Table")

Last week I picked up this somewhat archaic (but still cool) Microsoft PixelSense 1.0 multi-touch table that was in rough shape.

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