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Applying NEVERWET to the EL Umbrella

I have been recently testing the hydrophobic spray called "NEVERWET" to various materials to gauge it's effectiveness and practicality for projects.

Over the course of the last few weeks I have tested it on several materials, but this post is about applying it to electronics to protect them from water damage. Read more »

Wyolum e-ink Plastic Badge Holder, 3-D Printed test

A while ago, I got a in person demo of Wyolum's e-ink "e-badge" they created from Jimmie, which is scheduled to be deployed at this year's Open Source Hardware Summit (i.e. "OSHS") at MIT in Cambridge.

As a follow up some rough sketching and 3-D modeling in SolidWorks last week Read more »

Creative Coding Podcast #33 (with Jer Thorp)


There's a new creating coding podcast episode up with Jer Thorp talking about O-C-R (aka "Office of Creative Research"), Processing, the Java runtime, Processing.js and making a career of Data Visualization, as well as other off the cusp talk from Seb and Val. Read more »

First impressions with SAIKOLED's myki

UPDATE: SAIKOLED has launched their myki and gathering funds to support it. (3/20/2013)

As many reading my blog will know, I'm an early adopter to many device and product platforms. What can I say? I'm a gadget geek. :) Read more »