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Tuesday, 06 August 2013

As an early adopter and pioneer to the mobile and device industry, I have seen it grow from its infancy from as early as 2004 to its present date height of glory. I founded a mobile company in 2006 called Hooken Mobile, which helped OEMs and partners create mobile content across a variety of different devices and form factors.

I have more than a decade in mobile design and development ranging from native to mobile web design and development, and have been working with software for the past two decades. I also happen to ♥ gadgets!

I am currently active in many forms of mobile and device development across various devices in the mobile, embedded, and consumer electronic space from my lab, CUBICAL90 at Artisan's Asylum -- one of the largest hacker/makerspaces in the world (according to engadget).

Please check my projects list, as this page is intended solely for mobile work previous to 2011, or my resume for details on my skills and background in technology.

From 2005 until 2010, I ran Hooken Mobile, a mobile and device consulting firm focused on creating innovative device experiences across a variety of form factors ranging from feature phones, smartphones, tablets, internet appliances, set top boxes, SmartTVs, Portable Media Players, and other consumer electronic devices.

Technical Writing
I've written books, tutorials, articles, and training materials around mobile development. Some of the examples are as follows (in no particular order).

Mobile & Device Platform Evangelism
I worked heavily with Adobe and its internal Mobile team to help promote the Flash Platform across a range devices, and was an early pioneer in the evolution of Macromedia (i.e. now Adobe Corporation) Flash Lite, and later Flash across mobile devices.

In addition to countless user group and conference presentations, I also lead many workshops and technical training workshops at various corporations.

Technical Training
During my early years of mobile development from 2005 to 2009, I was highly engaged in the Adobe Flash Community. I was also hired as a consultant on behalf of Adobe and its Mobile and Device partners, worldwide, to help train professionals on mobile and device development.

The following are some of the recorded project opportunities I was part of during that time:

Mobile and Device Applications
This is a partial list of some of the applications and projects I created for clients and worked on over the years.

Media Types (i.e. Wallpapers, Screensavers, etc):


Other Mobile Applications:

Former Certifications:
From 2005 to 2010, I held many certifications around Mobile Development including:

Some of the mobile specific clients I worked with over the years have been: Macromedia, Adobe Corporation, Nokia, Max Media, T-Mobile, litl, AARP, Lexmark, Qualcomm, and more to be posted soon, here.

For more information about my mobile and device work, please contact me directly.

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