MIT Computational Fabrication Symposium next month at MIT through CSAIL


There is a great symposium event being held next month at MIT: "Computational Fabrication" hosted by CSAIL.

The organizers are:

Here is a description of the event:
"The objective of this symposium is to create an interdisciplinary venue that brings together leading experts from academia and industry in the areas of computer graphics, geometry processing, mechanical engineering, materials science, architecture, human-computer interaction, robotics, and applied math. The goal is to learn about fundamental questions and issues related to computational aspects of fabrication, provide a platform for discussing ideas and initiating collaborations that will pioneer new approaches in this area, and provide a venue for disseminating research results. The symposium will feature nine invited talks from world-leading experts in their fields, a panel discussion, poster session, industry demos, and a conference dinner for networking and personal discussions."

Hope to see some folks there.

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