Boston Tech Poetics meetup at Fatham

Last night I had a chance to attend a recent Boston Tech Poetics community group meeting. "Boston Tech Poetics" is merely the new name for the old Boston "Creative Coders" group, BTW -- a term that is for the most part on it's way out as anything but a clever marketing term for what we do in the interactive and emerging technologies space.

Fathom (Information Design) was gracious enough to sponsor us at their office on Cambridge St. We heard from two speakers, Savannah Niles of the MIT Media Lab about her "Glyph" project and associated research into expressive gifs from video content. Andres Colubri of Fathom also shared some information about shaders in the upcoming version of Processing.

Thanks to the Fathom team for sponsoring the event, Sands Fish for organizing, and Adam Ribaudo for setting up the required A/V.

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